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Welcome Letter

AL-Thikah Industrial Projects Es., is one of the leading companies in the field of trade of industrial equipment in the Jordan and comprehensive example for application of marketing integration.

That is reflected in its high capability of securing the necessary equipment for several fields of industry to fulfill the customer demands of executing all manufacturing stages and through precised delivery period, prompt response in after sales service, best attention to save spare parts and periodical maintenance of the equipment which is being supervised by highly caliber engineers with valuable experience.

The company is offering Workshop machines such as lathes, milling, shaping, drilling, grinding. Metal cutting machines such as for steel and Aluminum using plasma and flame technologies. Welding machines such as ARC, MIG, TIG and Spot Welding. Sheet metal forming machines such as press brakes, shears, rolling and presses, beside the section forming machines such as cutting and punching of metallic sheets, iron ornamental.

Also there is separate section for woodworking machines such as wood cutting saws, moulders, planers, thicknessers, presses, lathes etc. The electrical motors are having the high importance by securing essential types and sizes of motors such as single phase, three phase and geared motors. To integrate our customer service, we established considerable section for tools and accessories related to the available equipments, beside the row material such as steel, brass, Aluminum etc.

The company is distinguished by offering complete industrial sections with latest equipments and technology such as:
• Equipment for mold making (CNC lathes, CNC millings, EDM, wire cut and Heat treatment furnaces)
• Equipment for making metallic doors and electrical panels such as turret punching machines
• Production of precision engineering sections such as laser cutting, plasma cutting and water-jet cutting machines.
• Slitting production lines
• Special equipments for making electrical lighting poles
• Special equipment for making electrical towers
• Equipment for making wooden doors
• Equipment for duct fabrications Generally

AL-Thikah Industrial Projects Es. is representing one of the main industry agitators in the area, thanks to its long experience, which is extended to more than 40 years.